Originally, the active ingredient Minoxidil was Blood pressure medication developed. However, a side effect of the drug is increased hair growth, which is why it is also used for the Treatment of hair loss (alopecia) is used. In 1988, the drug could be approved for this purpose for the first time. Patent protection was abolished in 1996, as a result of which the substance is used in many medications. Used locally, this is extremely well tolerated.

Origin of the drug

In the 1970s, the drug was newly introduced to the market as an antihypertensive medication. In the course of the application period, reports repeatedly emerged that the Hair growth as well as a decrease in hair loss confirmed. Due to the lack of drugs for the loss of hair, the pharmaceutical company Upjohn promoted the research of the remedy in 1977. After the studies were made public, the company received quite a few letters from affected members of the public. There seemed to be a wave of interested parties, whereupon the Active ingredient from 1988 as a treatment for androgenetic alopecia was admitted.

Mode of action

The mode of action for Treatment for hypertension has already been thoroughly tested. The drug significantly affects the metabolism and blood circulation.

Action as antihypertensive

First and foremost, Minoxidil acts as an antihypertensive for high blood pressure and dilates the blood vessels far from the heart. The muscles of the vessel walls relax and dilate, which lowers blood pressure.

The drug is consumed orally in the form of a tablet and is almost completely transported into the blood by the intestine. About an hour after ingestion, the antihypertensive drug develops its maximum effect. In the liver, the drug is metabolized and degraded and excreted through the urine via the kidneys. After about four hours, the body has already broken down and excreted half of the active substance.

Effect as a Hair Growth Serum

As a Hair Growth Serum, Minoxidil is used externally in the form of a foam or solution applied. The exact mechanism of action is not yet clearly understood. Researchers suspect a connection with the increased blood circulation of the scalp.

Application of Minoxidil

The drug is used both as an antihypertensive agent and as a Hair Growth Serum Usage. The course of the disease varies according to the area of application.

antihypertensive use

The main area of application is the refractory hypertensionThe drug is used to treat hypertension, which is not treatable by other therapies. Due to the adverse drug effects, the intake is usually both in conjunction with a Diureticwhich serves the drainage, as well as with a beta blocker.

Application as a Hair Growth Serum

In the case of so-called androgenetic hair loss, which is hereditary, the application is in the form of a locally usable foam respectively a solution. The course of the constitutional hair loss is steadily reduced. Positive results like the Strengthening of the hair follicles or the decrease of receding hairlines women and men can already notice after about three months. Partly even increased hair growth can be noticed. An increase in beard growth could not yet be tested in detail for the men affected. As soon as the active substance is discontinued, the effect of hair growth is also lost.

Dosage and use

The use of the drug is both oral and topical at least once a day in combination with other active ingredients. This serves the better compatibility as well as a simplified use.

Taking the blood pressure medication

The exact dosage of the blood pressure medication is determined by the doctor on an individual basis. Once or twice a day, one tablet taken. The maximum daily dose is set at 100 milligrams, but this does not usually have to be exhausted. Even at lower doses, a blood pressure-lowering effect is achieved.

Use of the Hair Growth Serum

With a composition of two percent for women and five percent for men, Minoxidil is found in the form of a locally applicable preparation for the loss of hair Usage. The recommendation is to use twice a day, applying the product to the bald spots. The solution contains viscosity enhancer propylene glycol, which should simplify its use.

Possible side effects

Minoxidil can be used both orally and externally. adverse complications cause cardiovascular system, skin, hair and tissue changes.

For oral use

As a blood pressure lowering agent Minoxidil can Water retention in the tissues (oedema), accumulation of fluid in the pericardium (pericardial effusions), increased growth of the entire body hair (hypertrichosis), sometimes with a change in colour, Pericarditis (pericarditis) and Changes in the electrocardiogram (e.g. palpitations). If the dosage is too high and the dose is increased too quickly, there is a risk of drowsiness, dizziness and feelings of weakness, particularly at the start of therapy.

For local and external use

The locally applied drug in the treatment of the scalp also partially passes into the bloodstream, which is why the side effects also apply to the Hair Growth Serum to a lesser extent. In addition, the use of the drug often leads to severe Inflammations and irritation of the skin.

Taking minoxidil with other medications

If to take minoxidil also consumed drugs for psychosis, called neuroleptics, the blood pressure can drop dangerously. Use in children under 12 years of age is recommended only under strict medical supervision.

The effects of minoxidil on pregnancy and breastfeeding are still too little researched. However, animal studies have shown that the drug has a reproductive toxic mode of action and therefore impairs reproduction. However, it has been proven that it passes into breast milk. Accordingly, the use of the drug is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Minoxidil on the market

Preparations with minoxidil for high blood pressure are available only on prescriptionwhereas foams and solutions for use for hair loss are available over the counter at the Pharmacist are available.

FAQ's - Questions and answers

How does Minoxidil work?

The drug acts as a blood pressure reducer when taken orally and as a Hair Growth Serum when taken topically.

How should minoxidil be used?

As a blood pressure lowering agent, one tablet is taken once or twice a day. The foam should also be applied to the affected areas twice a day.

How dangerous is minoxidil?

Side effects ranging from water retention in the tissues to pericarditis to changes in the electrocardiogram with all kinds of adverse drug reactions are to be expected when taking it. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are strictly advised not to take minoxidil.

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