Caffeine shampoo - what the care product does!

Caffeine enjoys the good reputation of waking people up and eliciting additional energy reserves from the consumer's body, making it easier to get through the day. It is not without reason that many people drink caffeinated coffee in the morning to start the day relaxed and full of energy to get to work. However, this active ingredient is not only found in drinks, but also in care products. More and more often, shampoos are enriched with caffeine, which is supposed to stimulate hair growth. But do these products really deliver what they promise? How should caffeine shampoo be used and what alternatives are there? These and other questions will be answered in the following article. 

What does a caffeine shampoo do? 

The alkaloid caffeine, which is contained in corresponding hair care products, is supposed to reach the hair root after application. The roots should be protected from the contents of the active ingredient. stimulates as well as stimulated and thus cause increased growth of the hair. Such an effect through caffeine has already been proven. Whether such successes can also be achieved by a caffeine-containing care product has not yet been medically established. not documented

What should you consider before using such a shampoo?

caffeine shampoo

Caffeine shampoos are generally not classified as medicinal products, but as Cosmetics advertised. Nevertheless, their effect can have a significant impact on the volume and density of your main hair due to the substances they contain (for example sodium laureth sulphate). Therefore, you should obtain some information and observe certain points before use. 

Who are the shampoos suitable for? 

The manufacturers of the various care products, which are now being shipped worldwide, see primarily Middle-aged menwho suffer from hereditary Hair loss as their target group. From such an androgenetic alopecia are round 40 percent of men are affected, which is why care products such as caffeine-containing hair shampoos have an enormously large market and potential customer base. Such hair loss usually starts with the formation of receding hairline near the temples, which can spread over the entire head and eventually lead to semi- baldness. These developments are called not as a disease as they do not harm the body in principle. Rather, such hair loss is called "cosmetic problem" However, this does not make it any less of a burden for many of those affected. In order to achieve a young, vibrant appearance even in middle age, many men turn to the appropriate products and other care products so that their skin can look its best. thinning hair is strengthened. 

How is the care product applied? 

The manufacturers recommend using a caffeine shampoo daily in the shower and carefully wet the head with it. Before you rinse out the foam again, you should apply around two minutes wait so that the ingredients can penetrate to the roots and make progress there in terms of care. However, it is particularly important to regularly and over a longer period The alkaloid must not be used for long periods of time. Otherwise, the alkaloid cannot attach to the hair roots and cause positive development. 

A sustainable alternative: Laduti hair serum

An effective and visible effect of caffeine-containing hair care products has not yet been definitively proven. If you want to reach for a product that not only dermatologically tested but is based entirely on natural ingredients, the Laduti Hair Serum is just right for you. Our serums for the head of hair consist of a variety of valuable and sustainable ingredients. At artificial ingredients or Hormones We do not use any artificial ingredients at all, as we are convinced of the power of nature. We recommend a duration of application of at least six monthsto achieve lasting results and enjoy your strengthened hair in the long term. 

Hair Growth Laduti Care Products


Caffeine shampoos can help you build healthy and strong hair. However, this is currently only true in the Theorybecause so far only tests with pure caffeine have been conducted in connection with human hair growth. However, it is also a fact that there are no studies to date that prove that regular use of shampoos containing caffeine harmful for skin or hair. Therefore, you can use these products with a clear conscience as a supportive product for hair care in the shower, without disregarding conventional care products or a possible serum. 

FAQs - Frequently asked questions and answers

How does the alkaloid work?

This active ingredient, which is contained in some care products, is supposed to penetrate to the hair root under the scalp and take on a stimulating function there as well as at the hair follicle. This should positively influence the growth of the hair and strengthen the strands from the ground up. 

Who is a caffeine shampoo suitable for?

The most frequently mentioned target group of the corresponding manufacturers is represented by middle-aged men. Since statistically 40 percent of the male population suffers from hereditary hair loss, products like these prove to be particularly interesting. 

How should the caffeine shampoo be used?

It is recommended to massage the care product into the scalp once a day under the shower and then leave it on for two minutes. Continuous and long-term application plays a major role in giving the caffeine the opportunity to unfold its effect. 

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