LADUTI " Hair " Corns: 4 valuable tips for combating them

Corns: 4 valuable tips for combating them

receding hairline

If the first receding hairline appears, the world is turned upside down for some people. However, this appearance is no reason to panic, because nowadays they are mainly found in the Men who are still in full health. In about 60 percent, the emerging corners can be observed in the course of their lives. In fair-skinned men it is even up to 80 percent. However, the hair on the head can fall out at a young age of 20, which is particularly common in combination with androgenetic alopecia occurs. But also Women are not spared the bald spots at their temples. About 40 percent of them have this hair phenomenon.

In this blog post you will learn more about what receding hairline is and what it is called. How does the hair phenomenon develop and what can be done about it?

Make corners and edges disappear with Laduti

Our Laduti Hair growth products is the perfect all-round solution against the loss of scalp hair. This prevents both receding hairline and Hair loss at the back of the head effectively prevented. Deep penetration into the scalp ensures that the serum supplies the hair structure with over 60 valuable ingredients right down to the hair roots. This works by gently massaging in, whereby the natural and contained oils and plants work all the way to the hair root.


What are receding hairline?

This phenomenon is the loss of hair above the temple area at the hairline, which is known in medicine as the calvities frontalis is referred to. The term alludes to the early modern title "Privy Council" and is associated with early princes. These expressed honour and great age through their appearance. Colloquially, one also says minister angle, marriage angle, in Austria Hofratsecken or in Switzerland Ratsherrenecken.

These corners can be the first signs of a Hereditary hair loss and serve as an early warning sign of impending baldness. But even with normal hair growth, these occur well into old age.

How do receding hairlines develop?

The most common reason for ministerial angle is the congenital loss of hair, which occurs from puberty onwards, especially in the male sex. This is due to a genetic defect that causes the body to react hypersensitively to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Although testosterone is considered a male sex hormone, it also exists in women, who are also influenced by this genetic defect and inherit it.

Secondary reasons for the emergence of court corners include Stress, sensitive skin and improper hair care. An unfavourable product for cleaning the hair can also do harm. For example, diffuse hair loss aggravates Spring hair loss, Summer, Fall or winter, when too much heat or cold affects the hair.

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If the psyche is tense due to permanent stressful situations, it can lead to the Tension hair loss come. This is found at the forehead and tonsure and promotes ministerial angles. Therefore, in this case, relaxing measures should be taken to calm the body and mind.

What can be done about receding hairline?

receding hairline

Many are trying to Conceal receding hairline. Sometimes even a hair transplant is considered. However, there are easier and safer ways to reach the desired goal faster and to eliminate the causes!

1. stress reduction

The first step when looking in the mirror is to stay calm! Because every day around 100 hairs fall out by themselves. If you look for the single hair in the soup, you will find it and become even more stressed. That is why the following Relaxation techniques at Stress that prevent premature hair loss:

  • Yoga
  • Tai-Chi
  • Qi-Gong
  • Ayurveda
  • Meditation
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Autogenic training
  • Progressive muscle relaxation

TipRelax your body by exercising. The endorphins released after jogging, cycling, weight training and the like, release feelings of happiness that quickly lower stress levels.

2. healthy eating style

Certain foods support the hair cycle so that new hair can grow back in the anagen phase (growth phase). A healthy Nutrition include fruits, berries, vegetables and nuts. For healthy hair growth are Iron, zinc, vitamins A, C and E important. Biotin has a particularly good effect on the hair, as it is also responsible for the formation of keratin. This is the main component of hair.

NoteNutrients can only be effectively metabolised by the organism if it is supplied with two to three litres of water per day. In this way, minerals and trace elements, among others, reach their place of use more quickly.

3. gentle hair routine

Focus on gentle and soft products when washing, blow-drying, drying and combing. In addition to a shampoo with natural active ingredients, our Hair Serum on the power of natural oils and plants. A real insider tip, for example, is Basilwhich inhibits the increased formation of DHT.

When it comes to the care routine: less is more! This Tips help to prevent the first hairs at the hairline from falling out:

  • No hot showers
  • Rub less dry
  • Do not wash your hair too often
  • When blow-drying, select the lowest to maximum medium temperature

4. cover up places?

Bald spots on the head are not even noticeable if you go straight for a bald head. Many men, however, want to keep their existing hair, which is why they have to think about the suitable receding hairline hairstyle think about. For example, the following come Hairstyles in question:

  • Side parting
  • Short hairstyles
  • Loose, falling hair
  • Chignon (knotted hair)
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NoteIf individual hairs are too close together and are bound too tightly by staples or other materials, the hair follicles can be strained in the long run.

For Women similar and following alternatives are offered to keep the hair beautiful:

  • Braids
  • Crown
  • Short hairstyles
  • Updos
  • Create more volume with the help of styling products


Councilman's corners can in most cases be traced back to a congenital disposition and occur in both the female and male sex. Environmental factors can also negatively influence hair growth, which can, however, be improved with the right hair growth tips. These include: Relaxation techniques for stress relief, mineral-rich foods and treating the hair gently on a daily basis. This should be taken into account when choosing the right haircut, as this can conceal the corners on the head.

Our Laduti Hair serum effectively prevents diffuse hair loss and can stimulate the hair growth phase as a quick booster. It is free from hormones and Minoxidil and boosts the hair growth cycle in a simple and natural way.

Hair Growth Laduti Care Products

FAQ - Questions and answers

When do receding hairlines develop?

Congenital ministerial angles can develop in men as early as adolescence. If these occur, for example, due to stress, they can form at any stage of life up to old age.

What can be done about receding hairline?

First and foremost, you can focus on reducing stress and making sure that your body is well-fed through a varied and healthy Nutrition finds its way to a healthy metabolism. This means that important nutrients are used to build up the hair structure, which makes the hair grow faster.

Do receding hairline marks appear in connection with a disease?

The loss of hair in the temple area cannot usually be attributed to a serious disease. Rather, it results from a congenital genetic defect that relatively often affects the male sex.

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