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For women and men.

Hair Loss Treatment &
Hair Growth

Hair Growth Serum

The Hair Growth Serum Laduti for Hair Growth and for hair loss.

Hair Growth Test

Hair Growth Serum Foundation product test

From Dermatest in Germany - in dermatological Test with "Very good" excellent.

Laduti Hair Growth Serum successes

These pictures show application successes of persons, who all did not suffer from illness or constitutional hair loss.

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Hair Growth Serum Experience

Hair Growth Serum Experiences

Valeria Ammirato
IFBB Pro World Champion

"Best Hair Growth Serum"

"At first I was a little skeptical, as I'm sure everyone is, about the Effect concerns. I'm glad I discovered this Hair Growth Serum."

Laduti experience


"A real power product"

"Laduti's hair serum stimulates hair growth thanks to numerous vitamins and minerals such as zinc and follic acid. A real power product!

Hair Growth Serum Experience

Ebru Mercanoglu
Celeb Sytlistin / ARBUTI Salon

"The hair serum works!"

"We do every day. great experiences with Laduti. The only Hair Growth Serum I recommend to my clients for hair loss."

Laduti Playboy

"...gone are the days when you had to live with receding hairlines and half bald heads. A good alternative offers the Laduti Hair Growth Serum..."


Hair Growth without hormones.

Hair Growth Serum for women & men.
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Hair Growth Serum

Hair loss Treatment*

Now also available in Germany!

The Hair Growth Serum for women and men. Amazing to see people turning to hormonal hair loss remedies. With 60 ingredients, Laduti is a natural Hair Growth Serum without hormones & without Minoxidil.

It is the only hair serum on the market with more than 60 laboratory-activated ingredients. In particular, the interactions of the ingredients we used in the development of the serum formula have been processed one by one. Our hair serum is one of the rare products that use special techniques by using water-based & oil-based ingredients together.

Our hair serums are simply applied to the scalp and are not hair growth tablets.

*for hair loss that is not due to illness or genetic predisposition

Hair Growth Serum Laduti

Even without scientific confirmation of the effectiveness of the remedy can be due to the natural ingredients and without known side effects (dermatologically tested) the respective application success can be tested without hesitation.

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Laduti Hair Growth Serum:
Fight your hair problem

I'm sure you're wondering "Which Hair Growth Serum really works?" Hair loss is not always due to illness or has hereditary causesbut is triggered by a wide variety of factors. Affected people have to reckon with an insidious and insidious process. Do you notice a daily loss of more than 100 hairsHowever, you should act quickly and go to the cause. Many also want quick help for light hair. Mostly you can counteract your hair problems with the simplest means and quickly promote hair growth.

Not for nothing it is said that hair, skin and nails are the Reflection of the human state of health. Thick, healthy hair and fingernails and clear, small-pored skin stand for well-being and beauty. Regardless of what trigger is responsible for your suffering, a abundant care with natural ingredients is the be-all and end-all of ensuring a stunning mane. With the Laduti Anti Hair Loss and Hair Growth Serum you help your hair to a improved hair structure. Your lengths will be thicker, your roots will be fuller and your lightheartedness will be limitless.


Application of the Hair Growth Serum

Shake Laduti well before use. Apply 15-20 drops to the scalp and the area where your hair loss occurs. Massage thoroughly with your fingertips for at least 5 minutes. (Do not rinse!) Leave on for at least 6 hours. Recommendation: Can be used day & night. Apply daily before going to bed. Afterwards you can wash your hair normally. For best results, regular daily use is recommended. For visible results, we recommend using Laduti for at least 6 months.

Hair Growth Serum for Women & Men

Hair Loss is not just a male problem

Those who believe that only men and older people are plagued by hair loss are wrong. Most often, the locality and expression differ, but women, as well as people in their twenties, also struggle with this vexing issue. In men begins the Hair Loss usually at the hairline in the form of Receding hairline. The hair follicles lose their strength. In the further course of this forms a ring, which moves from the forehead area more and more towards the back of the head. The loss of hair manifests itself in the male sex from the light mop of hair via a Semi bald to Full Bald.

More and more women are also using hair growth products.

Women are often plagued by thinning hairespecially at the hairline, or fall the so-called circular Hair Loss to the victim. In technical jargon, the loss of the head hair is called Alopecia designated.
Those affected suffer noticeably from this hopeless situation for them. For women in particular, a long, full mane is the symbol of beauty and femininity. Shame and isolation are the mental consequences of a hair problem. But you do not have to live with it. Get back your healthy, full hair and feel comfortable in your skin again in case of hair loss that is not caused by your constitution or illness. The Laduti hair serum not only helps you to get rid of the annoying hair loss. Delaying the loss of your scalp hair...but him... stoppable. It based on natural ingredients, is hormone free and without the drug minoxidilwhich is why there are no undesirable side effects.

Causes of Hair Loss

There is no one specific reason for the loss of hair in women and men. Most often vary the causes and a combination of different reasons leads to the actual problem. If you know the trigger for your suffering, you can usually counteract it in an uncomplicated way. Use the helpful care products to support and build up your hair quality. Avoid interfering with your hormone balance and use hormone-free products like Laduti Hair Serum. reasons for your hair loss may be:

  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Stress and psychological pressure
  • Damaged hair structure
  • Insufficient blood flow to the scalp
  • Incorrect care
  • Scalp diseases
  • Hormone fluctuations (e.g. during pregnancy, taking the pill or menopause)
  • Nutrient deficiency due to incorrect diet
  • Plant-related alopecia (androgenetic respectively hereditary alopecia)
  • Disease-related alopecia

What you achieve through the use of Laduti Hair Growth Serum


Not only customers who want to grow hair faster use our remedy for thin light hair, but also those who just want to maintain their hair quality. The growth is for hair loss that is not caused by disease or predisposition stimulated in the long term and the serum provides radiant shine and healthy vitality of your scalp hair. Thin, weak hair of women and men gets structure, resilience, fullness and strength. It can help you to achieve your desired hairstyle better or as a preventive measure promote the health of your hair follicles in the long term.

Preventive measures for Hair Loss

It is common knowledge that sun, sea water and exhaust fumes stress the hair. A sun hat or pinned-up hair can help. In the next sections you can read about the preventive measures you can take to avoid hair problems.

Eat right

An balanced diet with enough nutrients and vitamins.

Adjust your eating habits should you feel you are eating deficiently. A Blood test at the doctor of your confidence can give you information about your values and a possible lack of nutrients or Cholesterol excess uncover.

It is not scientifically proven that protein, vitamin B7 and biotin promote hair growth, but it can be a good option in combination with a Hair Growth Serum.

Avoid stress

Massive stress situations lead to Scalp tensions and can lead to tension hair loss. Therefore pay attention to a positive work-life balance and avoid psychological pressure. For a balanced well-being can take measures such as Yoga or autogenic training help. Meditation and relaxing walks are also beneficial in reducing stress.

Massage your scalp 

Stimulate your circulation with a regular scalp massage on. The stimulates the hair follicleswhich are responsible for the formation of hair roots and hair growth. Integrate the massage into your hair wash and stimulate the scalp with your fingertips for a few minutes. A nice side effect is that you thereby reduce stress. Alternatively, you can use a scalp stimulating comb Comb the top of her head. 

One way to keep your hair is to do something about it while you still have some.

Pay attention to an ideal hair care

In addition to using a hair loss treatment, be sure to take care of it.

A lot doesn't always help. Use a small amount of shampoo and work this only in your approach on. The procedure can be repeated twice. Laduti hair loss shampoo is specially designed for the needs of your hair and is ideal for shampooing. When rinsing, both lengths and tips are cleaned thoroughly enough. The Preparation wash every three to four days is not only practical and ensures a faster styling, but also prevents the scalp hair from drying out. In between you can enjoy a Dry shampoo can be used.

We recommend including our new hair growth product in your daily routine.

Do not confuse the hair care, accordingly the hair mask with the final treatment, i.e. the conditioner. The Hair mask is used after the shampoo only in tips and lengths distributed, but not on the roots. It is best to dab the hair with the towel after washing, so the scalp hair can absorb more of the mask. Adhere to the exposure time of the product and rinse the hair thoroughly.

Hair Loss Shampoo


Shampoo and mask open the hair in cleaning and care, so that the Nutrients into the hair can get to. The Scale layer must be closed again afterwards. So you not only provide a beautiful and shiny look, but also easier combing. The Distribute conditioner also only in lengths and tips and best after rinsing again cold. This has the effect that the dandruff layer contracts and fits better to the head. For styling prepare hair towel-dry and dry with Heat protection and care sprays work.

It is best to avoid products with silicone additiveswhich can clog your follicles and thus lead to hair loss. Do not apply hair masks and conditioners to the roots, as this will cause your hair to become greasy, weighed down and lose volume. Also minimize styling with heat and reduce the use of straighteners, hair dryers and curling irons. The regular use of high temperatures will damage your hair structure and Hair Breakage arises. Let your Cut head hair every few months and prevent hair breakage and split ends. A small piece of the tips is already enough to promote healthy growth.

Use our Hair Growth Serum

Unlike many other hair growth products, the Laduti Hair Serum free of any hormones and without Minoxidil. This compound can cause a number of risks, such as itching, skin inflammation and irritation.

Actually the active substance was developed for high blood pressure. However, when hair growth was found to be one of the side effects, this was used in hair growth products. However treatment with Minoxidil involves some risks such as uncontrolled hair growthwhich affects the entire body. A change in the natural hair color is also possible. In addition to the side effects mentioned, you also have to deal with water retention in the tissues and Tachycardia count on. Therefore, you should use a product without chemical additives back. Our Hair serum and shampoo are free of minoxidil and hormones. and consist only of 60 natural ingredients. Our products were dermatologically tested and are very easy to use.


An Scalp massage stimulates the blood circulation of your scalp areas. Thus, more oxygen reaches the region of the head and supplies it with Nutrientswhich are essential for hair growth. Shake the serum well before use and drizzle on the from Hair loss affected area. Massage the affected scalp area for at least one minute and adhere to the application time before rinsing the product out again.

The continuous application of the Hair Growth Serum is inevitable, in order to effective achievements to achieve. After a few weeks you could already notice the first positive changes in your scalp hair and as a result of regular use, perhaps even visible differences over several months. Notice. The hair growth stage progresses slowly, so significant results require patience. Our fast hair growth remedy cares for your hair, contributes to an improved sense of well-being and slows down or stops your hair loss in the long run. The high-quality serums helps you to achieve a resistant hair structure with more shine, fullness and strength.

Laduti as a solution to your hair problem


This year too, Laduti has made it to the 1st place test winner in the Best Hair Growth Serum Test 2021 on Hair Growth Grab the problem by the head and get the Laduti hair serum for your acute hair problem. For hair loss not caused by disease or heredity, the solution and your way out of hair loss hell. The application is simple and no annoying swallowing of capsules is necessary. Both our Hair Loss Shampoo as well as our Hair Serum are suitable for both women and men. Start through our products into a future with full hair and increased well-being. Let not only your hair grow, but also your self-confidence.

Do not postpone your problem and order now our natural Hair Growth Serum.

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