Does Rezilin really help against hair loss?


Hair loss can put a lot of strain on the psyche. After all, thick hair stands for beauty and health! Many people look for natural remedies that can curb this annoying problem. When researching, one quickly comes across Rezilin on the internet. The basil extract is supposed to be used as a hair treatment to ensure a healthy head of hair and to reduce the Stop hair loss. Brittle, thin hair is also said to benefit from Rezilin. In this article, we have taken a close look at the active ingredient, which has many good reviews on the internet, and tested it for you to see if it really delivers what the experiences of those affected promise! 

What is Rezilin?

The Rezilin Basil Extract Hair Treatment is a herbal remedy that is supposed to help with hair loss and thin, brittle hair. The natural combination of active ingredients is supposed to supply the hair - especially of women - with essential nutrients and thus positively influence hair growth.

The special feature of Rezilin is the basil extract it contains, which was extracted from the purest basil in a biotechnological process. The hair treatment is also based on high-quality oils and is free of parabens, silicone, alcohol or artificial preservatives. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients all come from natural sources and do not irritate the scalp, which is why they are also well tolerated by particularly sensitive skin. 

How Rezilin works for hair loss

The fact that basil is helpful against hair loss was an accidental discovery: actually, researchers wanted to develop a herbal anti-aging cream. In the course of the studies, however, it was noticed that the eyebrows of the test persons visibly thickened. Further investigations showed that basil was the reason for this. That is why the Rezilin Basil Extract Hair Treatment was developed. Investigations in the laboratory have proven that basil inhibits the activity of 5-alpha-reductase II.

This enzyme promotes hair loss in particularly sensitive hair roots. Basil also stimulates cell growth, which additionally promotes hair growth. The effect against hair loss could also be clearly proven in a 12-week application study. In comparison, 80% of the test persons showed a reduction in hair loss.

The natural oils contained in Rezilin also have a positive effect on hair health. They provide extra suppleness and shine and ensure that the hair loses less moisture. The tincture also moisturises the scalp. Antioxidants such as vitamin E ensure that the hair roots are protected. In addition, the caffeine contained in Rezilin causes improved blood circulation to the scalp by stimulating the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the hair roots. So with long-term use, hair loss can actually be significantly reduced and dull hair revitalised. 

Who is Rezilin suitable for?

Rezilin was developed for the treatment of non-disease-related hair loss. However, the application studies were only carried out on women. Nevertheless, it can also be used by men without hesitation, since hereditary hormonal hair loss can be prevented. Hair loss is different in its causes does not differ between men and women. The Rezilin hair treatment can also be used on coloured hair. It is also suitable for use on the eyebrows. 

How to use Rezilin

It is recommended to use Rezilin at least three times a week initially. For this, three pipette tips of the hair treatment are applied to the dry scalp and worked in with the fingertips or a comb. Afterwards, the active ingredient must also be evenly distributed in the hair lengths. The tincture should be left to work for at least 30 minutes.

For a more intensive effect, you can also leave Rezilin in overnight. As the product is quite greasy due to the oils it contains, it is advisable to wrap the hair in a towel or cover the pillow to avoid stains. After the hair treatment has been left on, it can be washed out with lukewarm water. You can also leave it in your hair without washing it. 

We recommend the Laduti Hair Serum against hair loss! 

However, if you want to combat your hair loss particularly effectively, you should use our Laduti Hair Serum! It really does work quickly and effectively for all forms of hair loss. Unfortunately, Rezilin only helps with hair loss that is not caused by illness! In addition, Laduti has been dermatologically tested on both women and men and rated as "very good". The serum is free of hormones and does not contain any Minoxidilwhich can cause very unpleasant side effects. Laduti does not cause any side effects!

It penetrates deep into the scalp, where it supplies your hair roots with the super active ingredient Biotin and other important substances from nature - such as hyaluronic acid, ginseng or Rosemary. Laduti promotes hair growth in the long term and also provides a beautiful, healthy shine. The hair follicles are strengthened from the inside out, making the hair structure more resistant. We rely on the high effectiveness of our product!

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Does basil have a healing effect?

Yes, basil is not only a spice, but is also considered a medicinal plant. However, increased intake is not recommended due to the active ingredients eugenol and methyl cinnamate. It is therefore essential that you follow the instructions for use!

Can Rezilin also be used in combination with minoxidil?

Yes, but we do not recommend the use of minoxidil because it can cause various side effects. Often there is an initial worsening of the hair loss.

Can I make a basil hair treatment myself at home?

Unfortunately not, at least if you want the extract to work against your hair loss. There are many more active ingredients in Rezilin and its production is quite complex. The basil extract should not be confused with conventional basil oil from the kitchen. 

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