Dyeing hair for hair loss! A good idea?


For many women and men, colouring their hair is an absolute standard procedure when visiting the hairdresser. While some want to cover up the first grey hairs, others simply love to change their type. However, dyed hair needs to be regularly treated in order to remain permanently beautiful and also to achieve permanent grey coverage.

However, as there are a lot of chemical substances in the colourants that not only penetrate the hair but also the scalp, this is not entirely harmless. The consequence: Circular hair loss! Those who suffer from hair loss often ask themselves whether the Alopecia might even have something to do with the hair dyeing. But can Hair loss really result from the colouring process? And should you dye your hair if you already suffer from excessive hair loss?

We've taken a closer look at the topic for you here and have some tips for you on how you can protect your hair! 

Aggressive ingredients

There is a wide range of hair colours on the market. Fortunately, professional hairdresser's colours do not pose too great a risk, as they deliberately use gentle products and are gentle on the hair. However, the situation is different with drugstore products for home use. The manufacturers often advertise a care effect and good compatibility, but unfortunately laypeople usually do not see through what is really contained in them. One of the most harmful ingredients is ammonia.

The toxic nitrogen compound ensures that the colouring can optimally penetrate the hair. However, it is not healthy. Oxidising agents, which change the hair pigments, can unfortunately also harm the hair and scalp. 

This is why frequent hair colouring can promote hair loss!

Unfortunately, the chemicals in the dye can severely attack the structure of the hair. This often results in hair breakage, which is often also perceived as hair loss. If the hair is coloured frequently and repeatedly over many years, this can also lead to severe hair loss under certain circumstances. After all, a lot of chemical reactions take place during colouring. Some substances in hair dyes are even suspected of being carcinogenic. This is especially true for amines.

The dangerous substances penetrate through the scalp into the body and can thus disturb the blood circulation. As a result, the hair is then also less well supplied with nutrients. Hair dyes often cause skin irritations, allergic reactions or even inflammations. All these factors can also be causes of hair loss. The hair's cuticle is roughened by colouring and thus damaged in the long run. Aggressive ingredients can destroy the greasy layer of the scalp, making it even more sensitive and drying it out. 

How to prevent hair loss from dyeing

If you don't want to give up colouring your hair, then you should at least make sure that your hair colour is of high quality. You should never wash your hair before colouring it, as a light layer of grease on the scalp has a protective effect. Washing also opens the pores, which makes it easier for toxic substances to enter the body. It is also important to care for the hair intensively after colouring and to provide it with sufficient moisture. To protect the scalp and hair, it is also advisable to use herbal dyes. 

Important: If you are already suffering from hair loss, you should not dye your hair!

The bad news is that if you are already suffering from excessive hair loss, you should definitely stay away from chemical hair colouring processes. Why? Most hair dyes don't do your hair and scalp any favours because they are already suffering. Hair loss is usually a sign that your hair and underlying skin are not doing well.

If you then also reach for hair colouring, you expose them to even more Stress It can even exacerbate hair loss. Instead, give your hair the care it needs right now and try the Laduti Hair Serum! It effectively fights all Types hair loss. And all this without any hormones or the drug Minoxidilwhich can cause unpleasant side effects (such as increased hair loss at the beginning of the application). The Hair Serum penetrates deep into the scalp and supplies your hair roots with the power vitamin Biotin as well as with other high-quality substances from nature (Rosemaryginseng or hyaluronic acid). Laduti promotes hair growth as it strengthens the hair follicles from the inside.

Hair Growth Laduti Care Products

It also gives your hair a beautiful shine! The product has been dermatologically tested and rated "very good". There are no known side effects.


Which hair colours do not cause hair loss?

As mentioned above, hair dyes from the hairdresser are much gentler on your hair than dyes from the drugstore. We also recommend dyeing your hair with vegetable dyes such as henna, wheat, camomile, turmeric, walnut shells and indigo. They do not cause allergies, do not damage the hair and do not cause hair loss.

Is bleaching particularly harmful for the hair?

If you bleach regularly, this damages your hair structure and your hair becomes particularly damaged. As a result, they become thinner, break off or, in the worst case, even fall out. Therefore, after bleaching, you should stress your hair as little as possible and avoid heat styling.

Can I colour my hair after a hair transplant?

Be sure to give your hair some rest after the transplant. You should not start colouring and styling your hair again until three months after the treatment at the earliest.

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