With these 11 golden tips you can grow your hair faster guaranteed

You want to grow your hair faster? But do not know how? The average growth of a human hair is about 1 to 1.5 cm per month. Annually, this results in hair growth of around 12 to 18 centimeters. However, there are several reasons that can affect your hair growth, because hair growth reflects the general physical condition of a person. Diffuse - i.e. irregular and uncontrolled - hair loss is considered a first warning sign, as long as it is not due to illness or constitution.

The hair growth cycle

Of the total 5 million hair follicles found on the human body, approximately 100,000 of these follicles grow directly on the scalp. It is therefore quite normal that between 50 and 100 hairs are lost every day. Each individual hair grows out of a root that is located under the skin. The hair follicles are supplied with nutrients and oxygen via the blood. Only through this supply can human hair grow. The hair is pushed through the skin and grows out along the sebaceous gland. The sebum provides shine as well as a soft structure.

Phases of hair growth

Every single one of your hairs goes through 3 different phases. A hair follicle is quite capable of going through 10 to 20 such cycles before it is no longer capable of forming a new hair.

  • Phase 1The hair growth phase (anagen phase): In this phase the follicles form and start to grow. This takes a period of 2 to 8 years.
  • Phase 2The transition phase (catagen phase): The hair is in the catagen phase for about 2 weeks and is no longer supplied with nutrients. At this time the hair does not grow and the phase lasts between 2 and 4 weeks.
  • Phase 3: The resting phase (telogen phase): About 8 to 14 percent of the hair on the head is in this phase for about 3 months, when the metabolic activity of the follicle ends. This causes the old hair to fall out and the cycle starts again at the growth phase.

Hair Growth Serum and care products from Laduti

To stimulate and sustainably stabilize your hair growth cycle, the following products are suitable our products like that Laduti Hair Growth Serum or the Laduti hair shampoo best. Our care products are without the addition of Minoxidil and hormones. As a rule, the drug minoxidil has been used so far for the treatment of Hair loss used. The hair serum consists of 60 ingredients and is dermatologically tested. Side effects are not known so far, since the composition is free of chemical additives and based on natural active ingredients.

Laduti Hair Serum

The application of our products is very easy. You shake the package and apply about 15 to 20 drops of the Laduti Hair Growth Serum on the area affected by hair loss before massaging it in for at least one minute. After an exposure time of 8 hours, you can rinse the Hair Growth Serum.

3 ultimate tips to increase your hair growth

Stable hair growth ensures a flowing mane and shiny hair. In addition to the use of our care products, you should definitely observe the following tips if you have struggled with hair loss in the past or would like to prevent this.

Scalp massage

A scalp massage promotes hair growth and can be performed either with a massage spider or the fingers. You should plan about 5 to 10 minutes daily for a soothing massage. It has the effect that the blood circulation is stimulated and thus more nutrients reach the hair roots.

Balanced diet

Your hair wax is significantly influenced by the Nutrition influenced. Therefore, it is also important to avoid strict diets and pay attention to a balanced diet. Otherwise, hair growth disorders can result from it, because hair needed nutrient-rich content to grow healthy and strong. Be sure to prevent a lack of protein and trace elements, and it is best to focus on these elements:

  • Vitamin C is found in various fruits and vegetables such as broccoli and oranges and strengthens the hair stem.
  • Vitamin E is found in oils such as sunflower oil or olive oil and keeps the scalp and follicles healthy
  • Vitamin H (Biotin) contains yeast or egg yolk and promotes hair shine.
  • Zinc is found in grains and legumes and is necessary to form the proteins creatine as well as collagen, which are an important component of hair.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are found in canola or walnuts and make for fuller hair.

A balanced diet includes sufficient protein intake through food. The proteins promote optimal hair growth. On average, about 50 g of protein (1-2g per kilo of body weight) should therefore be taken daily.

Essential oils for a beautiful head of hair

Ethereal Oils such as argan oil not only smell good, but also promote hair growth. Pumpkin seed oil or peppermint oil, for example, are particularly good for making the hair strands grow better. This not only makes the hair thicker, but also increases the number of follicles.

A well cared for skin all over your head is the be-all and end-all for your hair growth, as oils nourish the hair and also protect for dandruff. This can contribute to the hair falling out.

4 tips to care for your hair sustainably

A sustainable care of your hair also helps it to grow faster. Regular care for your hair should therefore be part of everyday life, because our suggestions are easy to implement without much effort:

Use nourishing shampoo

For shampooing and everyday hair care, you should use a gentle hair shampoo without chemical additives. The Laduti Anti Hair Loss Shampoo can be used without hesitation for daily hair washing. The shampoo counteracts the Hair loss and prevents them at the same time, making it an optimal alternative to chemical care products from the drugstore.

Do not use electronic aids

Hair can be damaged by a straightener or similar device, such as a curling iron. Frequent use will dull the ends of the hair and even cause strands to break off. In order for the hair to grow better, too much heat should therefore be avoided, which is why the use of a hair dryer should also be in moderation.

Refrain from frequent hair dyeing

The overall chemistry and texture of the hair is altered when the hair is colored. Be sure to visit a hairdresser and make sure they use gentle dyes. However, hair should not be dyed more often than every 3 to 4 months, as this puts a strain on the hair.

Have tips cut

If you want your hair to grow faster, then it actually helps to trim the ends regularly. A haircut in the period of about 3 months is necessary so that neither split ends are formed nor the hair breakage sets in. Healthy hair ends ultimately accelerate hair growth.

4 tips to prevent hair loss

Of course, we will also give you some preventive aspects that will have a positive and rapid effect on growth, just like the care tips already mentioned:

Use gentle brushes

Regular brushing is one of the most important actions to prevent hair fall. Around 30 to 40 strokes of brushing should be done daily. Using the right brush or comb will have a positive effect on the health of your hair. There are special bristles that are incorporated into hair brushes. A good example of this is the so-called boar bristle brush.

Wash hair at the right temperature

Not only high-quality hair shampoo is crucial for healthy hair, but also the right temperature of the water. Optimally, this is 37 degrees and thus corresponds to the average body temperature. For long hair, it is enough to wash them two to three times a week.

Do not brush wet hair strongly

For breakage hair are particularly susceptible when they are wet. Therefore, to remove smaller knots of hair should be carefully brushed. It is worth using a special conditioner to easily remove these hair knots. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way down to the scalp so as not to pull out any hair unnecessarily. Combs that have very wide teeth are particularly gentle and therefore excellent for taming damp hair.

Silk or satin pillows

When choosing new bed linen or pillowcases, make sure to choose silk or satin materials. A pillowcase made of this texture is soft and thus gentle on your hair. This will help you avoid the friction of hair on coarse pillows that occurs when you turn in your sleep. Furthermore, loose hairstyles like a braid are recommended for women.


Now you have received 11 golden rules that will help you grow hair faster. Many can be easily integrated into everyday life and do not take much time. Already after a few weeks you will see that your hair structure improves and thus your hair grows continuously. Make sure you have a varied diet, a balanced hormone level and the right care with the Hair Growth Serum or Hair shampoo from Laduti.

Hair Growth Laduti Care Products

FAQ - Questions and answers

How fast does head hair grow?

They grow 0.3 millimeters per day and between 1 and 1.5 centimeters per month. This concerns the approximately 100000 hairs on the head, because on the rest of the body there are about 5 million.

What can I do for faster hair growth?

A scalp massage, the use of oils and a healthy diet are essential for hair growth. They support this and prevent hair brittleness if you are prone to it.

How can I prevent slow hair growth?

With proper care should be in use brushes that are used daily. Natural bristles are very suitable for this. Also when washing your hair, the temperature should not be too high and the subsequent drying is best done in the air. With pillows made of silk or satin, the hair does not stand out so far in the morning when getting up.

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